My Story

My name is Aftab Erfan and this is my website on meeting graphics. 

I am one of those people who likes to doodle during meetings. As my doodlings got more elaborate and informative, somebody kindly pointed out that what I was doing was actually a "thing" called graphic recording. That is how I learned about the meeting graphics field. 

This field appeals to me because I believe it has the potential to improve  communication and shared meaning-making. It also appeals to me for personal reasons: it provides a unique space where I can exercise the left side and the right side of my brain. 

I have a degree in environmental sciences (BSc, 2003), a minor in fine arts, and a masters community planning (MUP, 2005). I am working on a PhD which explores my current interest in Deep Democracy. My learning about meeting graphics is attributed primarily to Christina Merkley, who taught me about the big paper and helped me feel comfortable at the wall. I have been using custom charts for teaching and presentations and have recorded meetings ranging from small gatherings to large world cafe conversations with over 80 participants.

I am particularly interested in working with not-for-profits, community groups, municipalities, green businesses and other working towards the goals of sustainability and social justice. Please contact me if my work can support yours.